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Celox Optical Grading and Sizing

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Ag-Pak has "partnered" with several innovative and progressive packers to automate grading and sizing.  Machine vision grading offers consistency that is not available with humans.  Only CELOX XT offers both grading and sizing in one system.

Ag-Pak has committed a lot of resources in providing in-depth operator training, maintenance training, and on-going software updates as they become available.  A full complement of spare parts is always available.

Celox XT systems can play an important role in the Product Traceability Initiative and future food safety legislation and programs.  Product data can be acquired and recorded for quick retrieval.  Celox XT systems enhance your food safety program through detailed documentation.

Available in 3 to 13 outlets!

The transfer from the camera roller section to the SPINAFLEX conveyor is accomplished with the help of nose guards.  Nose guards are especially useful when running small product.  It assures positive placement onto the Spinaflex and makes product tracking extremely accurate. The CELOX XT has an extended camera hood. This extension allows the camera to view the product as it transfers from the rollers to the Spinaflex. This innovation eliminated an entire bank of LED's and improved tracking.


The picture (above left) shows the transfer with the access door open.

A "scaled down" Celox is available from Newtec. This is a two-lane, single camera version without a spinaflex discharge. Used primarily as a sampling system, the portability makes it useful to acquire statistical data of batches, crops, or produce from sections of fields.


For more information on fresh pack grading, please visit the USDA publication "United States
Standards for Grades of Potatoes" available at: and for carrots:

Introducing Batch Management System:

Minimum Belt Width: 16"
Maximum Belt Width: 30"

Maximum Belt Speed 132 feet/minute

Newtec Celox 12+1
Newtec Celox 12+1
Newtec Celox Carrot
Newtec Celox Carrot
NEWTEC Celox Potatoes
NEWTEC Celox Potatoes