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Washline Equipment

Through our association with Haith Tickhill, we can supply complete washlines.  Raw product intake handling, washing, water recycling, sludge removal (Supa-Sludge Separator Brochure.pdf), drying, sorting, bulk filling, and NEWTEC consumer pack machinery can all be integrated seamlessly by Ag-Pak.

Ergonomics, food safety, gentle handling, and efficiency are integrated into every phase.  If your goal is to reduce labor, increase production, and prevent product bruising, then we have the solution!

Haith rotary Brush Polisher
Rotary Brush Polisher
Barrel Washers
Barrel Washers
Haith Destoner
Spreading Conveyor
Spreading Conveyor
Haith Tote Fillers and Box Dumpers
Tote and Box Dumpers and Fillers