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AP6000 Wicketted Bagger

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AP6000 Wicketted Bagger

AP6000 Wicketted Bagger

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AP-6000 Wicketted Bagger

The AP-6000 Wicketted Bagger is state-of-the-art in wicketted baggers.  The design is based on years of experience and customer feedback.  It has become very popular and has acquired a reputation for consistency and speed throughout the produce industry.
The touchscreen interface has an integrated parts manual.  This feature allows users to find a completed drawing of any assemble and drill down to a component part.  Each part has a corresponding part number.  This gives AP-6000 customers an accurate way to order parts and assure that the correct part is ordered.

In addition to the parts feature, the touchscreen has an active schematic display.  Self diagnostics and highlighting of malfunctioning components makes trouble shooting, quick, easy, and fast.  The touchscreen is bi-lingual featuring English and Spanish.

This video shows the AP-6000 installed on a NEWTEC 3013XL weigher.  Included are Kwiklok 865 closers (right and left hand), a Kwiklok printer, and two Otto-mation Checkweighers. 

The AP-6000 Bagger offers a simple synchronization setting that does not reduce the speed.  This feature makes integrating with automatic balers and palletizers very simple. 

Food Safety played a big part in the design and engineering of the AP-6000.  The bag is not inflated, which means that dirty air is not "blown" into a clean bag.  A secondary benefit to this design is the bagger's capability to open the popular 1/2 and 1/2 bag.  Stainless Steel Construction is used through-out.

AgPak AP6000 Bagger Brochure.pdf