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Haith rotary Brush Polisher

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Haith rotary Brush Polisher

Rotary Brush Polisher

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Haith Rotary Brush Polisher

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Haith makes a wide range of rotary brush polishers:  2 meter, 2 1/2 meter, 3 meter (our most popular size), and the large capacity 3 1/2 meter.

All systems require 220VAC, 3 phase, 60 Amp electrical, a water supply and an air supply if the air jack option is purchased.

Haith offers an optional integrated water recirculation system.  Water from the polisher is collected under the drum where debris and dirt is removed.  The remaining water is then pumped back into a separate water manifold inside the drum.  This manifold can be configured to apply water to the first 50% of the drum, allowing clean fresh water to be used for final cleaning and rinse.  Fresh water consumption is drastically reduced using the recirculation system.

Haith offers a simple brush shaft rotation switch on the control panel.  This allows the operator to change the direction of the shafts without tools or downtime.  The advantage of routinely changing the shaft rotation direction is extending the life of your brushes.  This feature separates Haith from other suppliers!

This is a well-proven system for potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, swedes, and more....

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