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AgPak has been a leader in providing weighers and packaging solutions for lemons and limes. Historically the NEWTEC 2008XB weigher was the system of choice. AgPak typically provided a hopper, grading table, infeed elevator, weigher, rotary bagger or wicketted bagger, box filling station, with an incline conveyor to a rotary pack off table.

With the introduction of the NEWTEC 4009XB2 and the high capacity 4015B2, lemon and lime packing has been modernized. These new generation machines offer PTI features for current and soon to come compliance requirements. The sanitary design has been engineered to meet strict industry standards.

Compare our speeds and accurate pack out rates. Nothing optimizes floor space like this offering. Get the highest output in the smallest footprint!

The 4000 series weighers are flexible enough to add packaging options that your customers demand. Be competitive now and far into the future with an investment in NEWTEC/AGPAK systems!

Open this layout drawing showing a 15 weigh head system and two double wicketted baggers. This compact system allows opening and filling 4 poly or half poly/half mesh bags.

4015B2 2x AP6000 ALT1a.pdf