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Onion packaging has dramatically evolved in recent years.  Ask your Ag-Pak representative to show the latest in pack styles.

Want a large out-put in a small footprint?  Try Newtec's 4014XB1 with two C-Pack 929 clippers.  It's not only the fastest onion weigher/bagger, it can also handle Colossals without bridging! This new generation comes with a touchscreen user interface as standard. The screen is engineered to assist packers with PTI compliance now and far into the future. See video at the bottom of this page.

The 3013XL Weigher below has a center discharge and two (2) clippers. The C-Pack net clippers are installed "back to back" to maximize floor space.


The 3009XL is a nine (9) scale weigher. It is often configured with a single C-Pack net clipper. This extremely versatile weigher can also be configured as below: with a Tiltousel "out the front" and a C-Pack net clipper "out the back". Ask us how to make your system as versatile as possible. We have a lot of experience meeting the weighing and packaging needs of the onion industry.

AgPak also offers the 2008XB weigher for small volumes. It is an ideal weigher for a tiltousel or single clipper.


Ag-Pak is a proud member of the NOA.